Bruce Barth, Austin, TX
I'm a retired engineering professional and have been a client of MissTexasTech for home and business services since 2007. When it comes to service it's the integrity of the company and the accuracy of the diagnoses that counts. Whether it's software, hardware, or training, Lynn Grant is a savvy IT professional who can be counted on to get the job done right the first time. Without reservation I would highly recommend MissTexasTech to anyone needing IT services.

Dr. Don E. Johnson MD, Austin, TX
Lynn has been our computer guardian angel since 2009. We could not have functioned as well without having her on call. She installed all of our computers and is prompt and always seems glad to help with anything we ask her to do. Nothing has stumped her yet. I told her recently that hers is the easiest check I write. Thank you Lynn.

Teresa Clark, Austin, TX
Working in sales for a magazine is a very high pressure job. If my computer is not working then I am loosing time and money for making sales. You have been a tremendous help with my cell phone, computer, iPod, camera and even other things that I have been unable to figure out since I am not a technical person. I have been happy to recommend you to friends and will continue to do so in the future. You have made my life much better with your abilities to resolve technical problems that I seem to have on a pretty regular basis. Thanks so much for all of your help!

Jack's New Concept Auto Repair / Lemon Detectives Austin, TX
We have been using MissTexasTech since 2004. She handles all of our computer problems from installing new printers to setting up the new computers that we purchase for the business. Lynn's service is great and her prices are fair. When you need her she is just a phone call away. If she cannot help you solve the problem over the phone, she will come to your location and handle the problem in person. I find Lynn to be very knowledgeable with hardware problems and software questions. MissTexasTech also designed, hosts and maintained both of our business websites.

Lynn also developed three different Excel spreadsheet programs to aid in our day to day business. She developed an accounting program for our use that has reduced the workload tremendously. It not only enables me to do the daily books, but it also keeps track of the amounts to be deposited in the bank and the sales tax is also calculated so that at the end of every month I know the exact amount that needs to be sent in. Lynn also developed a payroll spreadsheet that gives us our gross profit, employee payroll and payroll taxes all in one package. What a time saver! If you are a business that needs help organizing your records, I highly recommend you call MissTexasTech today. She can customize your programs to suit your needs.

Tom Viola, Austin, TX
Lynn, I want to thank you for your consistent, reliable support. Your knowledge and expertise never fail to amaze me. And that is after 29 years working for IBM. Your easy, pleasant and patient manner makes it easy to hear. I learn a lot in the process.

Bobbie Herzog, Austin, TX
MissTexasTech makes it easy for lay people like me to work through the snags of computer science. Her most endearing gifts are tenacity (she must have been a rat terrier in another life), patience, and ability to help you trouble shoot so that you can get back to work quickly. Navigation is her strong suit, as well as trustworthiness and a clear mastery of computer language and problem solving. In short, she is invaluable, reasonably priced, and worth every dime.

Jim Bleacher, Hollow WoodWorks, St. Louis, MO
Lynn is very great to work with. She responds quickly to problems that I have, is willing to assist whatever way she can and is always looking out for my best interest. Whenever anyone asks about my computer/web person, I enthusiastically tell them about Lynn.
Donna De La Cruz, Austin, TX
I have used Miss Texas Tech for a few years now. The service has been awesome in her ability to diagnose the problem and fix it in a timely manner. Calls were always answered promptly. As a parent of 3 teenagers having a computer down is a crisis. Even "emergency" homework issues have been resolved in a phone call. The cost is very reasonable and the service is excellent. I recommend Miss Texas Tech to all my friends and they have been happy with her service also. I am very happy that I have found her. I am definitely a satisfied customer.

Kirk Hale, Painist, Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX
For many years I have relied on MissTexasTech for everything from tech support for a failing hard drive to expert pro and con advice on hardware, software, freeware and internet services, what's the latest, the greatest, the best for the money and why I should or should not purchase or upgrade. Her services are the best and most economical I've encountered. For example, I could not access the Internet that was provided by a major high speed cable company so I first called their tech support. Albeit free, they could not diagnose nor fix the problem over the phone and wanted to send a technician to my home. His next available appointment being over 10 days away. I called MissTexasTech, Unlimited and they diagnosed and solved the problem getting me back on the internet in less than 30 minutes.

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